On an island in the green Isar of song stands the German Museum.  Like so many science museums around the world it is packed with fascinating displays of almost everything you can imagine in the world of science and technology.  If you go to Munich you should certainly visit it.  Several boats, airplanes, cars etc. draw the kiddy crowds, but upstairs there are more technical displays, including a fairly extensive area devoted to the history of printing.  As you can see from this random selection of photos almost all the items on display are captioned in English as well as German.  The book trade in Germany has always been a leader in technology and quality of design and equipment manufacture.

In 2010 I also visited Montolieu, a “village du livre” about 15 miles north west of Carcasonne.  It qualifies as a “village du livre” mainly on account of the many second-hand bookshops in the town, but there is also a small museum, the Musée Michel Braibant, which focusses on the history of written communication as well as printing.