Shelf Awareness for Tuesday April 12, 2011 tells us: “A 500-year-old book was discovered recently at an ‘Antiques Roadshow-style fundraiser’ in Sandy, Utah. KSTU-TV reported that the man who donated $2 to find out how much a book he had inherited was worth learned the answer is more than $100,000.

‘Usually at these kind of things you are mostly being polite to people and disappointing them,’ said appraiser Ken Sanders. ‘A gentleman walked in and said I’ve got a really important book here and I’m sitting there rolling my eyes and thinking, “yeah, sure you do.” And then he opens it up and it’s a Nuremberg Chronicle from 1494 . . . Outside of museums I’ve never seen one before in my life and I most assuredly didn’t expect to find this book in Sandy, Utah today.’ The owner said he wanted to sell the book to a museum or library.”

Click on the link and you’ll find a video of the TV news item which shows more of the book than the photo below.