Sorry to be posting this after everything has closed in Britain, but I only got the notice from Shelf Awareness today.


‘Today is World Book Day in Great Britain, highlighted by hour-long event at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall that “will be broadcast live to cinemas around the U.K., as well as shown live online,” the Guardian reported. In addition to events at schools, libraries and bookshops around the country, the day is also being “marked by the release of eight new books, which cost £1 or can be exchanged for the £1 World Book Day book token given to each child by their school.”

“The target this year is for three quarters of a million children,” said Tony Robinson, one of featured authors. “I’m just about to go and sit in a quiet place and start to think about what I’m going to say. It’s the largest audience I’ve ever played to.”‘

Not only did I miss this, but it turns out yesterday was World Read Aloud Day. Once again Shelf Awareness brought the news.


“Yesterday, for World Read Aloud Day, Tim Federle (Better Nate Than Ever, S&S) took to the streets of Harlem in New York City with students from the New Design Middle School. Here they are, atop the LitWorld double-decker bus.”

These festivals make your head spin.