IMG_0710I was shocked to find a book sculpture in the window of my favorite bookshop* in the world when I was in Cambridge at Christmas time. My photo is a pretty paltry effort compared to the set on the Art in Cambridge blog.


The art form seems to be centered on Scotland. The TLS of 7 December showed us one based on Tam O’Shanter. This and others are shown at the Scottish Book Trust site. Maybe these Scottish and CUP connections will force me to revise my original objection to this art form. After all I have certainly ordered enough unsaleable books in my time that I have to acknowledge that there’s really no shortage of raw material.


Somewhat more extensive, though less amazingly-finicky-detailed, are these sculptures by Frank Halmans. The site designboom shows more of his work.

* My pick of the Cambridge University Press bookshop as my favorite refers back to its predecessor: Bowes and Bowes (Sorry CUP). Bowes and Bowes was a treasure trove, beautiful, handsomely situated and manageable in size; and this was at a time when Cambridge had lots of contenders. It also had the unbeatable feature that as an undergraduate I could have an account. I’d just wander out with an armful of books, and not have to worry about paying for them. That was someone else’s problem!