I did once sign up at Goodreads, but have never used the site — I guess I’m just not a social reader. Anyway I have too many books waiting to be read without someone suggesting hundreds more. This means I don’t really feel too exercised about the news that Amazon is buying Goodreads.

From all the hullaballoo this would appear to put me in a minority — a place where as an anti-social reader I am of course totally at ease. The announcement brought out the worst in everyone — the knee-jerk opposition to Amazon has been loud and shrill as usual. I suspect this resentment of Amazon really boils down to a jealousy that they are big and successful, bigger and more successful than the companies we work for, which Amazon will probably ultimately replace. I can remember when it was politically correct to deprecate Barnes and Noble — now we feel all protective towards them as suffering bricks-and-mortar retailers.

So I really have nothing to say about Amazon/Goodreads — and why would I when Porter Anderson has said it all so ably on What’s the Buzz at Publishing Perspectives. If you follow up all his links you’ll be in for an orgy of reading.

Addendum, 3 April: Here’s link to a piece detailing six alternatives to Goodreads.