On Tuesday we met an old friend for dinner. The restaurant, a little Italian place, was excellent. We had a good bottle of Nero d’Avola (well two actually), and that was good too. We caught up on our recent activities, and that’s always fascinating: after all we all of us face more or less the same issues, working in book publishing. She had lost her editorial job when the publisher she worked for was shut down by “corporate”, and is now doing freelance work. A bit of this and a bit of that. Working on a proposal for a well known personality. Doing some e-books for a nontraditional book publishing operation.

Across the restaurant she noticed a famous academic, one of whose books she had worked on, extensively, not that long ago. He was at a large table spiritualizing and controvertializing with a group of colleagues from the nearby college where he teaches. By coincidence Linda had also published a book by this writer, but as a non-editor, her relationship was more distant, less personal. After we finished eating, our friend went over to say hello. It was all big hugs and “Surprise” “Surprise”, and “What are you up to now?”. She darted back to our table to collect one of her business cards. Who knows what may come of it.