Self publishing continues to get coverage in the industry press. It looks rather like the new normal — see this Guardian article for instance. Maybe publishers are becoming more and more like service companies, offering this or that service to authors. HarperCollins, Penguin and now Simon & Schuster were early into the game. Now even  Barnes & Noble  are doing it, through their Nook Press, as reported by Publishers Weekly. This all feels like a return to eighteenth-century publishing arrangements — though I’m not sure I’d want to have to justify that assertion with any real evidence.

GalleyCat brings a round-up of video tutorials giving aspiring self publishers instruction on various aspects of the job. Last November they also provided this useful guide to the costs involved in self publishing.

Here’s word from Publishing Perspectives on April 10, about Smashwords becoming an international self publishing platform. The international angle has presented problems for the self published. Kerry Wilkinson, a hugely successful self publisher, ultimately signed with a publisher because of the time he feared foreign rights might take up. Also this week Publishing Perspectives did a post on maximizing rights income for self publishers.

Publishing Perspectives of April 18th carrries an account of a self publishing session at the London Book Fair.