Professor Gillespie refers to chemise binding in the video in the previous post.

Here’s the definition of chemise binding from the Glossary of the British Library Catalogue: “The medieval precursor of the modern dust jacket, a chemise is a slip-on cover of leather or of a textile such as velvet or linen that protected the binding of a book and its fore edge.  Chemises varied in form from high-grade luxurious embellishments for Books of Hours and Prayer Books to functional wrappers for administrative records and library books.”

IMG_0011It sounds a bit like the embroidered cover on my great-aunt Alice Jennings’s editions of Jane Austen, and those protective paper covers we used to put over books at school. Also, no doubt it is ancestral to the yapp edges sometimes given to leather-bound Bibles.

Here’s a link to instructions for making a more elaborate version.