robotwritestI’m not sure whether to welcome this as a sign of progress or as back-sliding, taking a digital route to an analog outcome. I suppose in that respect it is essentially no different than an Espresso Book Machine, or any digital print engine. This robot scribe can transcribe the Torah in about 3 months, a quarter of the time it takes a human sofer. I wonder how many hours a day the robot can run. Sounds like it has to get a rest every night, or it’d beat the scribe by even more wouldn’t it? Unsurprisingly such labor saving devices cannot substitute for the real thing and robot-writings are not permitted for use in synagogues, so there’s nobody threatened with unemployment.

This video trailer shows a somewhat earlier attempt to achieve robot writing. The guy is a better drawer than writer I think. It’s creepy how the eyes move. But these Coppélia devices are fascinating.

At a slightly different angle, AP is apparently looking into having robots write some news stories. As if journalists weren’t under enough pressure already!