This may be the other side of the coin when taken together with my previous post. Attention was drawn to this by The Reader’s Catalog, a mail-order service of bookish things offered by The New York Review of Books. I do think it has the Book Bath Bag beaten hands down on practicality. The soundtrack is especially rousing!

There was a move a few years back to get publishers to print books, like maybe lab manuals, on this sort of waterproof paper. I think it rather petered out as the paper was significantly more expensive than the ordinary stuff (and of course most publishers wouldn’t really want to produce an eternal book — if the customer spoils it, they just have to go and buy another copy after all)! Still I dare say some books are printed this way — Google images shows a couple, Minnesota Fishing Guide and River Guide, not inappropriately, so there may be life in this idea yet.

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