“I’d like people to consider something about Amazon which is so totally insane that I really couldn’t believe it was true until I had three different emails from them.

Anyone can simply go to Amazon Kindle and say ‘I wrote that book or I have rights to that book, not the person who published it’ and Amazon will immediately remove the book from the store without any sort of proof. Not only that, they will not put the book back up until both parties come to an agreement. So. . . .

So if this new person who claimed the book is his own work does so for malicious reasons, they need never come to an agreement and the book will never be for sale on Amazon. Apparently in such a situation, the best the true author can do is take the other person to court and force him to say they were wrong, which is going to cost money. For an Indie author with an ebook, that’s going to be tough.”

Thus Lazette Gifford on Joyously Prolific (linked via Passive Voice). Makes you feel weak at the knees. You can see why Amazon would have such a policy: but you’d have thought evidence of copyright registration might have sufficed to get the book reinstated.

However I suspect that if you send Amazon an e-mail claiming to have written Catch-22, it might not work. But please don’t try it!