Arion Press’s 100th publication is an edition of America’s classic declaration of literary independence — we may still await the Great American Novel, but WW gave us our Great American Poem 150 years ago. This edition uses the text of 1855; Whitman kept expanding it till his death. The volume is introduced by Helen Vendler.

This link to Arion’s catalog page includes a video discussion with Robert Hass. There’s also a link to an extract from Vendler’s introduction, and to this statement by Hoyem describing the design and production process.  Book Patrol does a nice short piece on the volume.

The paper used came from The Barham Greene Paper Co. My post of 17 June 2014 shows their mill, Hayle Mill, in operation. Also relevant is my post of 13 September 2013 which has videos of the Arion Press.