03MURTY-blog427The literature of India is getting its own Loeb Classical Library — the Murty Library of India, also coming from Harvard University Press. The New York Times of 3 January 2015 has the story. The Loeb is a noble project, giving us Greek and Latin literature in parallel English/original versions. The Murty may be even more important — Indian literature has suffered from neglect both at home and abroad. There were numerous British colonial administrators who brought the attention of the world to the immense range of classical Indian literature, but no systematic attempt to gather the entirety (or even a large part of the entirety) has been made till now. As the Times article says, some of it exists only in manuscript, much in poor condition.

The timing of the release does make a sort of coincidental political comment on the BJP-RSS policies of Hindutva — an insistence that Hindu culture is the culture of India to the exclusion of all others.