1425945436550This is going to take place on 2 May, so get ready to go out and buy a few books. Apparently it is an outgrowth of an earlier California bookstore celebration, as you can learn from their website. There will be 400 participating stores, and Shelf Awareness tells us that there will be 16 special exclusive items for sale that day. Program Director Samantha Schoech says “For so long, the message about indie bookstores was all doom and gloom, but the truth is, there are more indie bookstores this year than last, and more last year than the year before that. Independent bookstores are actually opening around the country. We want people to know that.”

With coincidental good timing The Book Industry Guild of New York will be holding its monthly meeting ten days later on 12 May (5.15 pm at Random House, Broadway & 55th, NYC. Penguin RandomHouse is one of the main sponsors of Independent Bookstore Day.) The topic of this month’s meeting is “Independent Bookstores”. Bring along your virtuous feelings after your book buying splurge on the 2nd, and hear some independent booksellers talk about the rewards and trials of their trade.