k8aiobmMoleskine, the Milan notebook maestros, are testing the digital waters. I suppose this is OK, though it does seem to risk brand dilution. We are so used to Moleskine meaning a notebook you sketch in (wish I did) that going digital almost seems sacrilegious. Making a note on an iPad is making a note on an iPad, whereas making a note in a Moleskine is not the same as making a note on a cocktail napkin. Anne Quito brings us the story at Quartz.

In a contrasting mood, this NPR segment from Morning Edition on 27 May, 2015, includes the news that Moleskine believes that sales of their notebooks peak in the neighborhood of an Apple Store. I doubt if this has any basis in digital friendliness: more likely it is because people with money and an eye for good design will tend to buy both.