2stradnbookstore“In 1927, Ben Bass opened Strand Book Store on Fourth Avenue, home of New York’s legendary Book Row. Named after the famous publishing street in London, the Strand was one of 48 bookstores on Book Row, which started in the 1890’s and ran from Union Square to Astor Place. Today, the Strand is the sole survivor.” (From their website.) Today the Strand appears to be doing just fine. They’ve bought their building at Broadway and 12th Street, which seems nowadays almost to be a sine qua non for survival in the book trade. They have a good-sized event space upstairs, and of course 18 miles of book shelves. This post from Vulture tells the story, as does Literary Hub. (Link via The Passive Voice)

The Vulture story mentions their sub-store at Club Monaco. This Publishing Perspectives story describes the setup. They also maintain a kiosk on Fifth Avenue just above 60th Street. Their YouTube channel has videos of many of the events they host.

Some might have thought that the name was copied from The Strand magazine, a successful British publication from 1891-1950, which lodges in the memory primarily as the outlet for many Sherlock Holmes stories. It is now back in business as a mystery magazine.