This film should bring a tear to your eye. It records the typesetting on 1 July 1978 of the next day’s Sunday paper, the last issue of the New York Times to be set by hot metal. All these guys hefting metal hither and yon. The film up-beatedly focusses on those who retrained, but just look at the size of that glassed-off area in the back where the future is being built, and consider how few of these workers would ever be able to squeeze into a job there.

One of the amazing things is how antiquated their elaborate CRT typesetting looks now. It always strikes me as a massive difference between today and back then how much importance we used to attach to the physical output of typesetting machines. Old habits die hard, but this one has disappeared in very few years.

This well-made film was delivered to us via The Digital Reader and Open Culture. The ultimate source is