A Kickstarter campaign to buy and burn all the books published by Nouvella sounds dumb enough for it to be a hoax. The Observer, in bringing us the story, does conclude that it’s all a sort of joke. Reverse marketing or whatever we might call it. But the campaign really is there at Kickstarter, where it describes itself as the first-ever reverse Kickstarter. The anti-novella campaign is being organized by Globo Books, whose website is suspiciously bare. I find it hard to understand why, but 248 people have pledged $25,337 to help bring this project to life, or is it death?

One has to conclude that Globo Books and Nouvella are one and the same, and that the 248 pledges are never going to be collected, having no doubt been pledged by Nouvella employees, friends and family. If any of the pledges are real, persuading people to pay $50 for two books which seem to be published at $13 each, delivered with instructions on how to destroy them, looks like a nice trick for the publisher to have pulled off.

Is this good publicity? Well I suppose I, and anyone who bothers to read this post, now know that Nouvella is a publishing company that publishes novellas.