This seems like a really good idea: New York Review Books is introducing a children’s book club. Give your grandchildren such a subscription and you can be confident they’ll be exposed to some classic children’s books. You can bask in the hope that they’ll grow up book worms. Even if they don’t, they may have read one or two good books along the way.

In the digital world we all keep hearing how we should get nearer to our ultimate customer. The old-fashioned route of the book club is surely just as (maybe more) effective than many of the trendier social media methods.

NYRB also have a successful club for adults: you can sign up here and get a free book for doing so. I suppose a publisher can only run a book club like this if they have a coherent list. After having read several of their books, you know the sort of thing you can expect. Still I do think lots of publishers could try such a club, maybe for subsets of their list: it makes subscription publishing a little less remote and trendy.