Here’s a union of two of the crazier book fads of recent years — the coloring book, and augmented reality.

The guy describing it in this Disney Books video, sent our way by The Digital Reader, sounds so serious, but he is talking about children’s books after all, and education is serious business.

Everyone seems to be clambering to get in on the coloring act. My industry colleagues from the trade houses suggest that “everyone is rushing out a coloring book”. Of course, Dover Books have been doing them for years. The Book Industry Guild of New York is planning a meeting on the subject for early next year. Coloring books for adults may have originated in a therapy setting, but now seem to be viewed as some sort of relief from overexposure to screens. I guess Internet-exhaustion-relief is just therapy brought home. It seems that coloring books are being purchased mainly by women, and I have heard of book groups meeting to color together rather than have those more demanding conversations about the content of a book they’ve all read. One hears serious discussions of colored pencils all over.

If you are keen on this sort of thing here’s notice of a Kickstarter campaign that you can give to to help Free Period Press fund their new inspirational coloring book. Link via GalleyCat.

Well, onwards and upwards. Whatever sells, eh?