We all think we know about this, but hard data are hard to come by. Here’s a survey by children’s book publishers Lee and Low. Their Diversity Baseline Survey was sent to 1,524 reviewer employees and 11,713 publishing employees for a total of 13,237 surveys deployed. The response rate was 25.8 percent. The Lee and Low report comes via Publishing Perspectives, which has quite an extensive discussion of the survey’s implications.

Of course I don’t have the facts, not even an old phone list; but when I started in publishing in 1965 the gender balance was probably exactly the opposite. Maybe someone can get a PhD studying whether this has had any effect on what we publish and how we publish it.

Click on the infographic a couple of times and you’ll make it large enough to be able to read the type! (Yes, it’ll get tiny first time, but double click again.)

Diversity in Publishing 2015 E