I did see a lady on the subway the other day wearing tights which had type on them. Naturally I knew not to get too close and stare at her thighs in order to read the message, so I have no idea what text was there displayed. It was printed white on black, and was mostly in what looked more of less like 14 point type: far too small to make out from across the way.

HP0001-DailyProphetLegs-6-WEB_compactThe Passive Reader alerts us to these Harry-Potter-leggings available from Back Milk Clothing in Australia. They also offer a Hogwart’s School Marauders Map dress. We shall all have to be careful how attentively we read. But what’s the point of all this type on clothing if none of us can actually read it? If it was meant for the wearer’s enjoyment it would need to be printed upside down. I guess it’s just a sign of design exhaustion.

I have posted about textual T-shirts before. Here are more literary T-shirts from BuzzFeed (via Shelf Awareness) and from Bustle.