Photo: Andrew Plumb

Photo: Andrew Plumb, from Deutsches Museum, Munich

Lots of places have old presses many of which you can go and look at. Rebecca Bowd at University of Leeds’ Brotherton Library has compiled a list which can be found on Google Docs. The SHARP community has added, and will continue adding, additional exhibits.

The Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery is a permanent exhibition of some of the highlights of the University of Leeds’ collection. It is free to the public. “Amongst these treasures is a rare copy of the first folio containing the plays of William Shakespeare. Other gems include a Tudor cookery book printed in the time of Elizabeth I and a map and compass used by the first prisoner to escape back to Britain from Germany in the First World War.” The Gallery got a little puff in the Times Literary Supplement issue of 12 February 2016 which revealed that in addition to its old book holding the Library is actively adding materials including the archives of contemporary poets including Simon Armitage and Geoffrey Hill.