11879313-Pallet-A-CEN-EURO-pallet-on-white-Backgound-Part-of-Warehouse-series--Stock-PhotoA pallet is that wooden platform thing on which your books are delivered to the warehouse. It has wooden slats top and bottom. The ones without a bottom layer of slats are properly called skids.



A pallet is a tool used in hand bookbinding. It provides a rule, often decorated, which can be stamped onto the spine. It can be straight, as in this picture, or curved so that the design can be “rolled” into the material. Pallets are also used by potters.



A pallet, lest we forget, is a straw mattress too. The Oxford English Dictionary tells us that a pallet is also a piece of armor for the head (a helmet), a small vessel used to catch blood in bloodletting, a vertical stripe on a shield, and a color between red and white. Quite a busy word.