This fallen horse has surely put up with enough beating. We are all pretty much agreed that we now live in a e-book plus p-book world. Nevertheless I link you to this story from LitHub because it’s rather nice. Reading hardbacks in the subway is often quite difficult as you stand rattling about, flailing out your free hand to regain your balance only to realize you don’t actually have a hand free. It takes some serious commitment therefore to insist on always traveling with a duffle bag-full of hardbacks.

Commenting on the story, The Digital Reader agrees that vinyl : mp3 :: hardback : e-book. I think he wanders off point a bit when he tells us multi-format music collecting is all about the content. Doesn’t Mr Israel tell us about his three separate “editions” of On Michael Jackson: surely he’s all about content too, or about content plus maybe.

That the future book market will be shared by e-books and paperbacks seems entirely possible, with the hardback providing the de luxe option for the bibliophilic dilettanti among us.