Data ConversionLab-Center for Information-Development Management survey ‘Following the Trends 2016 – Is Your Content Ready?’








For all that the pundits scream at us that the game’s all over and digital has won, it is interesting to note that Publishing Perspectives recently reported on a survey of publishers which found that “Twenty-eight percent told us they don’t know if they’re ready” for digital publishing and thirty percent know that they aren’t. Of course that same group of pundits will see this as proof that they are right when they say traditional publishing is dead. The link in their article to Publishers Weekly doesn’t work. This link will take you to Brain O’Leary’s piece which provides a bit of perspective on these data.

But maybe it’s just an indication that things are not as clear-cut as punditry appears to demand. I keep pointing out that as long as e-books represent less than 100% of book sales it’s premature to talk about the death of print. Whether there’s any long-term relevance to the current pause of e-book sales at around 30% of the total or not, the print book is clearly far from done for. That over 50% of publishers are less than sure whether they are fully ready for digital publishing tells its own story. Many of these are no doubt houses which have no intention of ever getting into non-print publication, whether on some sort of principle, or because their list just doesn’t work well electronically. If you think they are crazy — go ahead and think it. After all, if you are correct they will eventually disappear. If you are wrong, then you’re wrong.