BookRiot has a nice piece by Hannah Engler about the benefits of publication in print, linked to by The Digital Reader. It almost seems to pick up from my recent post Job title: “Author”.

Our frantic worrying about writing for this medium or that medium, and what it’s all doing to our minds, is nothing more than the constant babble of insecurity which goes on inside the head of every human being. Happy the writer who just bangs it out and cashes the check. Just close down that overly conscious internal critic, and get the words down. If they end up in blog-a-blog-blog, or in a handsome hardback handbook they are just words, and don’t really represent your blood on the page/screen. Easy to say, harder to do, I know. But disengaging the critical module in your mind, the module dealing with the broadest overview of things, is surely helpful in getting the job done. It doesn’t really matter if you are the one chosen by fate to be the author of the Great American Novel: just write what you are writing and let’s get the job finished.

But of course there will always be agonizing Edwins, sneaking sidelong glances at those jokey Jaspers.