wb-wh-row-smInterior decorators often fill bookcases for their customers, buying for the look rather than the content. Superannuated law books look splendid, but really have no use other than sparkling on bookshelves in new law offices, radiating that authoritative look bestowed by the buckram bindings with three hits of foil on the spine. I once was able to persuade Heal’s in the Tottenham Court Road to let me have one of the books they’d bought for next to nothing to make up a window display showing a desirable living room — it was an OP Pelican I’d long been searching for. I’ve still got it.

Wonder Book of Frederick Maryland is a big supplier to these specially markets, and even have a room devoted to books shelved by color as you can hear on NPR’s On the Media who covered them back in March, and repeated the item this weekend, 20 August. Wonder Book’s webpage has a link to the show (their item is the last one on the list at the On the Media link), and to other press coverage.