If you happen to be on Euston Road today you can still make it to the British Library’s Shakespeare in Ten Acts exhibition. It ends today. We’re still in the 400th anniversary year. If you look at their trailer, don’t get too excited: that skull is not Shakespeare’s — it’s one used by Sarah Bernhard when she played Hamlet, and it comes with a dedicatory inscription on it by Victor Hugo. When I was there last week the swing from Peter Brook’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream was fenced off, so we were not allowed to enjoy a shot at it. The exhibition has lots of bibliographia, including the only surviving literary manuscript actually written by Shakespeare. (The picture above shows Vivien Leigh as Titania in a 1937 production at the Old Vic.)

If you can’t get there, they claim to have updated their website Discovering Literature: Shakespeare. I had drafted a post a few months ago about the Discovering Literature series they are developing, but held off posting as the links didn’t seem to be acting too well. Maybe it’s better now, though after I go to the that link I can’t see the Featured Articles claimed to be there. Enter any search term in their box, and after that comes up if you use your back button to return to the introductory page you will (or I do) find the articles showing up.

Had I done that post it would have said:

The British Library has a series in development. Discovering Literature is its overall title, but they are making it a bit hard to find all the parts. They have just done the 20th century module, but they seem to be intent on concealing the whole series. A search for “Discovering Literature” doesn’t appear to include this new module. The drop-down tab “Discover” takes you only to the Romantics and Victorians page. Their Shakespeare module — as far as I can see inaccessible directly from the British Library site, can be found here, courtesy of Google! There may be more — who knows?

Not in the show of course, but obviously marking the anniversary are these postage stamps, which are clearly in the same sort of series as the Binyon one I showed a couple of weeks ago.