Shelf Awareness sent us this link to a post on Chronicle Books blog site walking you through the steps taken between manuscript and bookshop.

This is an editor’s view — things go very quickly from final edit to advance copies — but it does cover the ground pretty well. The slightly apologetic tone at the end, explaining why the whole process will take one or two years quietly slides by Step 5, “You go write a book”. I once worked on a book which had been signed up 50 years earlier. In another case my boss once remarked “Oh I don’t think you should have done that” upon hearing that I’d allowed an author to take away the manuscript of his book to make some “slight” revisions. He was of course right: the manuscript was eventually returned and published about 15 years later, having been found among the author’s papers after his death. Minor revisions, it is claimed, were made by a couple of his former students.