Kit Caless writes in The Guardian about books one might choose to read in a pub. This may not be a question which has much bothered the average American reader (nor I suspect, the normal British pub crawler), but is sufficiently salient to this carpet-obsessed writer that he has established a prize for the best book for the job. The terms of entry are fairly restrictive, but who knows there may be more than the three books suggested which might contend for the prize of £100 in coins for use in a slot machine. You can enter by way of a link at the bottom of the Guardian article.

77ed7fbd-ba35-418f-b7df-0458bc17433eIn a related story: I can’t say I see wine bottles sold with a short story glued to them and wrapped around them as the salvation of the book. In fact it strikes me as a rather bizarre idea. brings us the news via Shelf Awareness. But I suppose you could of course read one of these bottles in the pub. How about booky beer bottles? A pint and a pamphlet seems a bit of a supply problem: too much dampness about.