Yesterday evening I attended The National Theatre of Scotland’s The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart. This is an interactive performance in a pub setting, and before the start the five actors went around the tables at which we sat asking us if we’d tear up paper napkins into little bits so we could assist them in portraying a snowstorm by throwing the pieces up in the air when called upon.

Naturally everyone got to work eagerly: even adults delight in being allowed to make a mess. I was struck by how many people commented on how hard it was to tear the fluffy tissue in one direction, while the other direction was dead easy. My assumption that people mostly know about grain direction may be exaggerated. I did a post about it a couple of  years ago. It can be found here.

This trailer, which features different actors, some of whom I saw doing the show a couple of years ago, does give a glimpse of our snow blizzard.