Some of the things I write about are pretty straightforward. There’s not too much more you can say about the Applegath vertical printing machine. Topics like Open Access and Copyright are so onion-form that as soon as you start writing you have to peel off another layer as the topic ramifies before you. I have three different draft essays on Open Access on the go, each with various fascinating links attached to them. If I amalgamate them into a massive unit it’d take hours to read — so of course just wouldn’t get read.

So, at least in part to clear my own mind, I thought I’d get rid of the basic definition problem here. Rick Anderson, an admirable clarifier writing at Scholarly Kitchen attempts to explicate overlapping definitions that tend to bedevil discussions of this subject. Those devilish details! In the course of that piece he links to an earlier attempt at the same thing. The second part of his discussion, focussing more on goals, can be found here. All these papers, and the links he provides, are worth reading if you have any interest in Open Access.