Bustle recounts 9 Famous Typos. I rather like the “Come in” included in the dictation of Finnegans Wake. How do you discover this sort of thing? (Nice touch that in a piece on typos they manage to insert an inverted comma in the title of Joyce’s book.)

Parenthetically I might say I think Alec Baldwin is doing nothing for his reputation by bitching about HarperCollins’ allowing typos into his book. Does the author not have any responsibility?

Of course, I guess the deal with a celebrity author is likely to be a bit different than when your author is an academic, keen to advance their reputation. If HarperCollins did make a deal with Baldwin that they would ensure the absence of typos, well maybe he has a point. But I doubt they did, and as so often it is dangerous to assume anything is going to be done if nobody’s actually agreed to it. Two stools are there to be fallen between. This sort of shifting the blame onto others is perhaps reminiscent of Mr Baldwin’s current most famous mimic target.

In connection with the Bustle “Dord” item from Webster’s, please see From foupe to nuts.