Colleen Theisen/University of Iowa Special Collections

To count as a miniature book you’ve got to keep it under 3 inches apparently. What international standard organization has given time and thought to making that decision?

Atlas Obscura brings us an account of many tiny books, housed at the University of Iowa. This photo shows their Book of Genesis.

We humans have enough trouble finding our glasses after we’ve put them down to answer the door. We could spend the rest of our lives looking for the book we’re half-way through too!

Obviously called for at this point is a picture of the world’s largest book. And here it is:

This Australian volume,  6 feet x 4 feet 6 inches (1.8m x 1.4m), was printed in Italy and bound in Hong Kong. It has just dislodged the Klencke Atlas from the perch.

The British Library is clearly not above a little promotional arrangement. They appear to have selected carefully among their employees (no six footers need apply) to create the impression that the Klencke Atlas is even bigger than the 5′ x 3′ that it is.