Photo: Christie’s Images Ltd.

Jeff Koons’ sculpture of a rabbit has sold at auction for $91,075,000.

Criticism isn’t my bag, but I suspect that this price tells us more about investment strategy than it does about art as a creative endeavor.

The sculpture, which is 33 years old, is made of stainless steel: no doubt a source of relief to Robert E. Mnuchin’s friends who won’t have to worry about inadvertently sticking a pin into it. Mr Mnuchin is an art dealer: does he know of a customer who wants to pay even more for the thing?

It’s a bit like huge bestselling books. Because Tom Dick and Harry want the thing, I’ve got to too.

Hey, although the price of this bunny looks rather extreme, maybe we shouldn’t complain about the high prices paid for art by the wealthy. It all goes to buy lunch for a whole lot of support staff. Bestsellers may often be a bit dumb, but they power the entire business and enable us to bring out books which couldn’t be afforded otherwise. If people want to buy silly books or odd artworks, let’s just rejoice that they are circulating the money.