Lit Hub sets us this quiz based upon the Library of Congress Subject Categories which you may find listed on the imprints page of the book you are reading. It’ll be part of the CIP data. Whether CIP is included or not seems to depend on the publisher and I suspect also the age of the book — we appear to be less and less informative as time goes by; maybe because it’s easier than before to look this stuff up on the internet. But regardless, the subject categories will have been assigned.

Question 1 of the quiz provides these clues:

Social classes–Fiction.
Young women–Fiction.
Domestic fiction.
Love stories.

I failed. The answer is pretty obvious, but I felt it probably applied to a whole lot of books.

Seventy opportunities to have your ignorance rubbed in! Who could resist? The comments section shows (if they are telling the truth) that lots of people did a lot better than I did. I only managed a handful.