Well it may look a bit like a car wash, but it’s a waterless book cleaner for your library. It’s effectively just a book duster. If seven maids with seven feather dusters worked for half a year, do you suppose, the librarian said that they could get it clear? I doubt it said the budget director and shed a bitter tear. Of course libraries can’t afford pay-checks for seven additional maids, but these videos make the system look fairly labor intensive, and I wonder if a feather duster wouldn’t do just as well. Atlas Obscura brings us the story, and a brief video of the process.

Popular Mechanics’ story on the Depulvera machine has a video (below) which provides more detail than the one at Atlas Obscura. This is a promotional video from the manufacturer showing the machine in action accompanied by a rather frantic musical soundtrack. If you mute the sound you’ll miss nothing: no words of wisdom are spoken; no words of any kind are spoken.

The company offers a smaller version, The Pulvisina. Maybe you’d like one for your home?

(If you don’t see the videos, click on the title of this post in order to view them in your browser.)

I hope these machines are not reducing book-buying budgets. Of course one knows they are, just as so many “new” things are reducing the money available for books and journal subscriptions beginning to seem more and more “old fashioned” and thus non-essential every year.