Photo: Jeremy Mynott

The Times and Star of Workington informs us that plans are afoot to revive the Printing House on Main Street, Cockermouth. Cockermouth is a small Cumbrian town located about halfway between Workington on the coast opposite the Isle of Man, and Bassenthwaite Lake at the northern end of the Lake District.

Until 2009 this quaint (and quite large) building was a bookshop, which also sold art materials, and contained a gallery and printing museum. There are a few murky photos of the museum collection at Metal Type. The new owners aren’t sure what the place can be turned into: much will depend upon planning permission, but they are committed to preserving the look of the place.

Next door is the somewhat more splendiferous Georgian house in which William Wordsworth was born in 1770. Wordsworth’s father, John Wordsworth, was, following in his father’s footsteps, legal agent for the Earl of Lonsdale, and was appointed Bailiff and Recorder of Cockermouth. He was also Coroner for the Seigniory of Millom — now there’s a job title! The house is now owned and run by The National Trust, so once we are allowed to travel again, you can visit, and while there give a glance to check up on progress at The Printing House just to the right of Wordsworth’s head in the photo. In November 2009 there were floods in the area and Wordsworth House was flooded. Luckily volunteers were able to move many of the historical artifacts to the upper floors. Sounds like the Printing House next door may have been less fortunate.

For aspiring lady or gentleman booksellers unable to get a turn in Wigtown, here’s your opportunity make a bid in an attempt to share the fun only 113 miles away — though much closer as the crow (or the seagull) flies.