Jose Afonso Furtado sends a link to Edward Nawotka’s story in the Los Angeles Times about the effects of the virus on book publishing. The New York Times has a similar, even more comprehensive round-up today which you may find at this link, but I suspect subscription may be required.

As a general thing this blog was not intended to be a news source. There are lots of site whose roll it is to keep readers up-to-date on what is happening today in the book trade. Of course one cannot ignore important developments, but I think I ought probably to get back to focussing more on book manufacturing related topics — so look for a lot of stuff about how you put a ribbon marker into a book, the benefits of an Oxford hollow, and similar mundane mechanical matters.

Before leaving the news however, I should note that Powells in Portland OR, having laid off about 400 people, is now hiring back about 100 because of active mail order business. Another topic I had previously touched on is the new on-line bookseller, Bookshop. Apparently sales reached $380,000 last week, up from an average of $28,000 a week in February.