Mr Patterson’s giving yet more to support bookstores the LA Times tells us. (Link via Kathy Sandler’s Technology • Innovation • Publishing – Issue #89, a newsletter which is generating lots of good stuff during these trying times.)

He is donating $500,000 to help set up Save Indie Bookstores, an organization being established in collaboration with The American Booksellers Association and the Book Industry Charitable Foundation. This is an impressive sum, and should do much good.

Here’s Forbes story about Save Indie Bookstores. (Link via Book Riot.) As Shelf Awareness of April 3rd put it “Organizers emphasized that the fund is focused on bookstores, with funds distributed in proportion to a store’s sales with the goal of helping to replace lost sales. They also hope that stores combine these funds with other funds, whether from the government, their own fundraising campaigns, and other sources. (They add that ‘support from publishers, landlords, authors, their communities, and customers will be critical as well.’)”

Mr Patterson has been spending a part of his royalty income on various types of support for bookshops for some time. He is almost an industry on his own (or rather with his team of co-writers), and obviously recognizes the need to keep related industries thriving.

His generosity might make one want to read his books. Lots are available at Bookshop, the on-line business set up recently to support and back-up the efforts of independent bookstores. Please aim to use Bookshop as much as you can in these troubled times. You’ll pay more at Bookshop than at Amazon it’s true, but surely these are not times to be out there haggling. Shouldn’t we all be doing our little bit to help support bookshops? And bear in mind that Amazon has now indicated their commitment to the book business by deprioritizing books.