Take any data set and slice and dice, and you can come up with whatever you want, so of course you shouldn’t put too much weight on this research into generational differences in reading preferences. Even the definition of generations is a variable. Still, The Passive Voice gives us this list of reading preferences by generation which originates at the BookBaby Blog.

  • Gen Z prefers fantasy to other genres.
  • Millennials read more books than other generations.
  • Gen X reads more online news than other generations.
  • Baby Boomers rely on best-seller lists to find their books.
  • The Silent Generation spends the most time reading each day.
  • A preference for physical books spans all generations.

Perhaps it’s not too surprising that the silent generation would spend most time reading: after all if you are chatting all the time it’s hard to focus on your book. (Plus of course, more obviously, the silent generation is now the retired generation, so much time is available.)

This information is gleaned from this infographic created by Best By the Numbers.