The Bookseller reports that the UK’s Bookshop online store has raised £500,000 for independent bookstores in its first month of operation. There has been a little grumbling about the start-up, as evidenced in this New Statesman piece, but consensus seems to be that it is “a good thing”. Clearly places like Blackwell’s which already have a vigorous online operation will benefit less that many bookstores.

In the U.S., has raised just over $9.5 million for independent bookstores since starting earlier this year. allows independent bookshops to create their own virtual shopfronts on the site. This capability is also available to publishers and magazines — independent bookstores do still benefit from traffic on such storefronts. For example if you read online a review of a book in The New York Review of Books, you can buy a copy at by clicking on the book title which will take you to the publication’s “store” at The link to The Look of the Book at my recent post What a book cover can do takes you to LitHub‘s Bookshop storefront.