Appears to be on 4th of March this year despite what Google may tell you.

Wait for it: only a few days now. Meanwhile visit their site which tells you how to get books for a £.

This is a UK celebration despite the title, so don’t go breaking coronavirus restrictions in California hoping to join in the festivities. World Book Day is funded by contributing publishers and sponsored by National Book Tokens Ltd and other supporters, as well as participating booksellers.

Here MC Grammar tells you all about their vouchers. He’ll make readers of us all.

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I noticed World Book Days in 2020 and 2013 too.

LATER: “More than 110,000 people in the U.K. tuned into World Book Day‘s Share a Story Live digital events program over three days, far exceeding the 10,000-person attendance recorded for live events in previous years, theBookseller reported” — reported to us by Shelf Awareness on 9 March