When I am writing a blog post I occasionally get a message from WordPress, the platform on which this blog is carried, saying “Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an advertisement here. You can hide these ads completely by upgrading to one of our paid plans.”

The other day I noticed that one of the ads WordPress had sold was for a Trump hotel. This prompts me to point out that I did not sell this ad. I do not make any money from this blog. I don’t want to make any money from it. I want to be able to say whatever I like how I like.

I believe it is perfectly appropriate for WordPress to sell adverts — I don’t plan to upgrade to one of their paid plans. This blog will remain a cost free, income free zone. My purpose in writing this note is to point out to the curious that — if you, unlike me, are one of these people who gets upset with constantly being advertised to — the selection of advertisers is not something in which I have any say. Nor do I in any way endorse their products.